Daily Work Plan Training

Introducing the Revised Daily Work Plan

At Baker, our mission plan is in the form of our MTA (Mission Task Analysis) that we do every day on every jobsite. A key part of the MTA is the Daily Work Plan (DWP). We are proud to introduce a revised Daily Work Plan that will help us create a plan for every crew chief and crew member to produce more cubic yards of concrete per man-minute safe, and right the first time than any other concrete construction crew in the world. That will make us more competitive and able to reach our shared purpose of building better structures, building better lives.

This page has been set up to re-introduce you to the Daily Work Plan and provide the basic information you need to begin using it on your jobsites.

Download the Workbook

Start here by downloading this comprehensive workbook that will give you specific instructions on what to do while watching the DWP video. You can print the workbook or you can do a “save as” and then type your responses on the workbook directly. Please make sure to do a “save as” first then save your work regularly so that nothing gets lost.

DWP Workbook (English)         DWP Workbook (Spanish)


After you have downloaded and printed or saved a copy of the workbook please watch this video.

Baker Field Academy Video (English)

Baker Field Academy Video (Spanish)

A Word from Dan Baker

Company Founder, Dan Baker, has always believed in continuous improvement. Dan is excited to see us move to the next level with the implementation of the revised DWP. Dan believes that “Safety, Schedule, Quality, Production (SSQP) is a lifelong journey of always striving to improve. At Baker we are Special Special Forces and know that as such we must have a simple and focused plan that is clearly communicated to the unit/crew. This plan is thought through, prepared, and clear, and it is communicated in a way that every crew member understands what needs to be accomplished. Every crew member is just as important as the next person, and everyone must be engaged and focused in order for the mission to be a success.”

Read Dan Baker’s comments on the DWP.

Letter from Dan Baker (English)         Letter from Dan Baker (Spanish)


The DWP Tool and Process

Please download these documents to ensure you have a full understanding of the DWP tool and how it is to be used.

  DWP TOOL (English)             DWP TOOL (Spanish)  

DWP PROCESS (English)         DWP PROCESS (Spanish)

If you have any questions about the revised DWP process after reviewing the workbook and videos please speak to your manager or you may contact Paul Smith, Head of Training, at .