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Baker Construction Enterprises seeks to become long-term partners with exceptional management teams and employees who share our goal of significant long-term growth while simultaneously leaving a lasting and positive impact on the communities in which we operate. Founded by Dan Baker, Baker Construction Enterprises has a portfolio of companies that span the globe.


Baker is about trust. By treating our clients and co-workers as partners they simply don't want to go anywhere else.


We treat every co-worker and customer with honesty and integrity, tapping into each person's potential to ensure long-term success.


We believe that every co-worker in our portfolio of companies deserves the opportunity to pursue his or her dream, and that our company is obliged to create opportunities that allow for growth and success.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We continuously improve our business practices by encouraging innovation, imagination, critical thinking, and determination from co-workers at every level.


We care for our co-workers, their families, and our extended family of customers. We trust in one another for continued support and collaboration.

Give Back

We express gratitude for what we have by donating our time and resources to help improve our communities and our world.

Leadership Team

As Chief Executive Officer of Baker Construction Enterprises, Dan Baker leads a portfolio of companies that started over 50 years ago. Under his guidance, Baker Concrete Construction become one of the largest, most respected and influential companies in the construction industry.

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