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DL Baker Construction Canada, ULC commenced operations fall of 2011 in the inland coastal town of Kitimat, British Columbia. DL Baker is a subsidiary of Baker Canada Holdings ULC (“Baker Canada”) whose parent company is Baker Construction Enterprises.

Backed by almost five decades of construction excellence in safety, quality and unsurpassed determination, DL Baker is poised to support the upcoming industrial construction boom forecasted for northern British Columbia.

Experienced Management

DL Baker’s management team has the experience and know-how on some of the most complex projects. We bring a vast knowledge of concrete construction expertise of all market segments including delivering successful global projects in the Liquefied Natural Gas industry.

These include construction of tanks, concrete containment, deep and mass foundations, balance of plant, and concrete structures. We have the ability to look at a project and truly understand the complexity of each unique structure.

Proven Track Record

DL Baker has a proven track record of building successful project teams, including creating superior relationships with the trades, the local communities and its clients.


DL Baker believes in being an active member in the communities where we do business. Our team strives to be socially responsible and believes in making a positive change wherever we go.

We are committed to creating an injury free and healthy life for our co-workers, clients, and construction partners.

To that end, we have been working toward achieving a greater level of excellence in safety by embracing a concept called our Incident and Injury Free (IIF) philosophy. IIF is a personal and organization commitment to creating an environment free of injury. IIF is achieved through personal adherence to three key concepts: Respect, Commitment, and Relationships.

The strength of this commitment depends on each coworker’s personal dedication to safety. Accordingly, we hold ourselves and each other accountable for the safety and well-being of not only DL Baker co-workers, but also our clients, partners, families, and friends. Moreover, we recognize that safety should not end with the closing of the workday, but must extend to all aspects of our lives. We will achieve an Incident and Injury Free environment by building and maintaining a culture that keeps people safe all day, every day.

You can count on us to deliver the ultimate concrete construction performance.



Our preconstruction team will determine the most cost-effective way to build a particular detail or portion of the project.

  • Technical and constructability reviews
  • Design assist and value engineering
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Project scheduling


Our approach as a total package concrete contractor provides you with unmatched flexibility, quality, and service.

  • Concrete formwork design and installation
  • Concrete placement and finishing
  • Complex concrete structures & tanks
  • Concrete reinforcement installation
  • Pre-Cast concrete installation
  • Civil & industrial concrete construction

Project Management

Our team members have proven track records. Each project is different, and that shapes our customized approach to each engagement.

  • Safety, quality, productivity management
  • Extended package management
  • Materials procurement and logistics
  • Field engineering

DL Baker has the experience and know-how to complete some of the most complex concrete construction projects in Canada. We have the ability to look at a project and truly understand the challenges of each unique structure.

Fortis LNG

The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry is committed to providing low-carbon energy and high quality liquefied natural gas at a reasonable cost. DL Baker has a vast knowledge of expertise in this sector including construction of tanks, concrete containment, deep and mass foundations, balance of plant, and concrete structures. Our expertise was on display as part of the Fortis LNG project located in southwest British Columbia. DL Baker was contracted to Bantrel Management Services Co. (Canadian subsidiary of Bechtel Corporation) on this project which includes gas pre-treatment, liquefaction, utilities, compressors, LNG storage and LNG transfer to transport tankers and ISO containers, as well as all other facilities scope. DL Baker is responsible for the design and build of the LNG storage tank.

Kitimat Modernization Project (KMP)

The Kitimat Modernization Project (KMP) was a $4.8 billion upgrade expansion of Rio Tinto aluminum smelting facility in Kitimat, British Columbia. The project was a complex industrial megaproject located in a very remote part of Northern British Columbia.

The remote location presented several challenges to the DLBaker team. Due to its distance from most major material suppliers the closest being 7 hours away, just-in-time deliveries were not an option. As a result, extreme planning became paramount. Manpower also needed to travel to the project. To house co-workers, the project was outfitted with a man-camp located adjacent to the site where 1900 co-workers lived and an additional 650 co-workers were housed on the Delta Spirit Lodge, a refurbished 171-metre cruise ship. In additional to the remoteness of the location the extreme wealth conditions also presented challenges. Daily rain or snow showers were common occurrences.

Despite the challenges, DL Baker’s Team received high marks from both Rio Tinto and Bechtel for their safety and work performance.

DL Baker’s first contract was awarded in 2012 for the Anode Baking Furnace concrete. It quickly expanded to include the Carbon & Casthouse and Reduction & Substation concrete works packages. In total, over a thirty month period, DL Baker’s Team worked on approximately twenty-five new structures and completed over $271M in total contracts.


Local Hiring

By hiring locally, DL Baker helps to ensure that tax dollars go back to the province while stimulating the local economy. The co-worker training program ensures DL Baker employees take valuable job skills with them, which helps to attract more local contracts and further employment.

Investing in the Leaders of Tomorrow

DL Baker is a proud sponsor of the APEGBC Northern Branch Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition. The event involved 230 student participants from North Western BC competing for $2600 in prizes that go towards school trips and supplies.

DL Baker hires and mentors student interns, giving them the opportunity to choose the right career path as well as realize the relevance of their studies. The skills they acquire while part of our team allow them to advance in their careers, giving them a jump-start into their future.

Career Opportunities

DL Baker is always seeking the very best talent in the concrete construction industry. Please submit your skills below. Please note; you must have an email account to take advantage of our career opportunities.




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